Where to place the French adjectives

When it comes to the English, adjectives are known to be quite easy in using them. You place them before the noun and they will be able to describe what you are up to. When it comes to French, the french adjectives placement tends to vary.

And in case that is not enough to confuse you, adjectives are known to change based on whether the noun they are describing is feminine, masculine, plural or singular. The good news is that, you are going to discover several rules regarding the adjectives and that will make it quite easy for you to know the way to place and utilize the French adjectives.

Placing French adjectives

When it comes to English, when you place an adjective before a noun it is able to describe. Thus, you are going to say a blue bag or a green house. Majority of the French adjectives are normally placed after the noun which describes.

Thus, you are going to say a bag green – un sac vert. or a house blue – unemaisonbleue. For you to be able to remember that, you can go imagining a Frenchman who comes to you and asks with a charming and heavy French accent – excuse me, where is house blue?

You can as well consider the French adjective are put after the noun which they are describing and would be quite correct in majority of the situation, but it is necessary to know there are certain exceptions to that.

The following are some of the bang or bad boys to note:

• Size
• Goodness
• Number
• Age
• Beauty

Majority of the adjectives which express the above adjectives are normally placed before the noun which they are describing.

• A beautiful woman – une belle femme
• An old man – un vieil home
• A big sandwich – un gros sandwich